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10 Inside

Chris has Scott, Troy and Jake all play the video game Inside. A very atmospheric and creepy video game from the studio Playdead games. A game that demands a conversation the second its over. Listen to us discuss, argue and flat out yell what we think the meaning of this mysterious game is. 

and yes we do yell...but it's ok, because we love each other <3

spoiler start right around the 20:00 min mark FYI


SPECIAL: E3 Reaction

Get in and buckle up! Chris and Jake are going to go over all the major announcements from all the platforms and developers at E3 2018.

We discuss everything from the immense amounts of announcements made by Microsoft as well as Bethesda telling us a whole bunch of stuff that we already knew. 

Chris and Jake will break down all the presentations made and give their take on what was said. They'll give their opinion on what conference stole the show and which games they are most excited for. 

Get your argument hats on and let us know what we got wrong. 


Episode 4 Teaser

Chris and Jake let our wonderful listeners know about the subjects they need to get caught up on to be ready for episode 4. They also discuss the new video game God of War for a few minutes. Tune in to get their takes and don't forget to come find episode 4.


Episode 3 Teaser

A quick Thank You to our ColdBow listeners, and a little teaser for the next episode.

Get ready Marvel fans, this one is for you.


GOAT Year in Movies

Segment 1, GOAT (Greatest Of All Time): 
Listen in as Chris, Jake, Troy, and Scott discuss what they feel the best year in movies is. As you'll come to expect, there is a fair amount of arguing and juvenile name calling. Not to wory though, we all end up agreeing in the end -- kind of.

Segment 2, IDAO (I'll Do Anything Once):
Chris, Jake, and Troy also review Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. A lesser known video game from 2013 with a strong story and stronger characters.