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9 Opening Scenes

Listen in as the crew, minus Jake, have a wandering conversation about what makes a good opening scene to a movie. Does it set the tone for the rest of the movie? Does it hook you into the plot or characters? There are many factors that go into this topic and, for some reason, we thought we'd tackle it. As usual we all give our unyealding opinions, who's right or wrong is up to you!





It's Always Sunny in Philidelphia's Up parody:

In Bruge:

Indiana Jones:


The Dark Knight:

Monty Python and the Holy Grail:

Inglourious Basterds:
Jurassic Park:

Gangs of New York:


7 Comedians

Troy, Scott, Reese and Jake gather round to discuss comedy. We talk about how comedy works. Why it works. The different genres of comedy. We talk about some of the greats that really shined in their respective genres. Then we each give our personal favorite comedian, both current and all-time. 

As always, we are excited to bring this episode to you and cannot wait to hear all the things we got wrong. So take a listen and give us some feedback. Enjoy!



George Carlin:

Mitch Hedberg:

Eddie Murphy:

Eddie Izzard:

Bill Burr (Philly Rant):

Bo Burnam (Art is Dead):


6 Run Ronnie Run

The Coldbros talk about a variety of things impacting their lives - including Bob Ross, Richard Simmons, metal bands, E3, and Arrested Development.


Troy’s dumb joke from Episode 3 comes full circle as we review and discuss a dumb movie with tons of cameos. That movie is Run Ronnie Run (2002) starring David Cross (Arrested Development) and Bob Odenkirk (Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul). Hilarity ensues, tears might have been shed, and we all gained a deeper understanding of each other.


5 Guy Ritchie

Segment 1, GOAT:
 Reese wanted us to choose a scene that was most enhanced by the soundtrack.

Segment 2, Stack:
 Chris had us stack every Guy Ritchie movie.


Here is a YouTube and Spotify playlist of our favorite musically driven scenes:


4 Trilogies

For the first time you get to hear all 5 of the Coldbowners together!

We talk a bit about some movies that have come out in the last month or so and get into escape rooms a little.

Segment 1:

We are talking about the Battlestar Galactica prequel miniseries that was released in 2003 Starring Edward James Olmos.

Segment 2:

Then we get into stacking trilogies. We are doing our best trilogies and the most disappointing trilogies, not the worst the biggest letdowns. We don't include The Lord of the Rings Trilogy in our stack as it already is the Holy Trinity and above reproach in any way.

Get your opinions ready and hold them close, we want to hear from you about all the things we got wrong here!


3 Marvel Stack

Segment 1, IDAO (I'll do anything once):
Run Lola Run.

Segment 2, Stack:
In light of the Avengers: Infinity War coming out today we're stacking the Best and worst Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movies.


Episode 3 Teaser

A quick Thank You to our ColdBow listeners, and a little teaser for the next episode.

Get ready Marvel fans, this one is for you.


Ep 2: Cinematographer

Segment 1, IDAO (I'll do anything once):
Kina Grannis, a lesser known musician Troy had us all listen to. Give her a listen here.

Segment 2, GOAT (Greatest Of All Time):


GOAT Year in Movies

Segment 1, GOAT (Greatest Of All Time): 
Listen in as Chris, Jake, Troy, and Scott discuss what they feel the best year in movies is. As you'll come to expect, there is a fair amount of arguing and juvenile name calling. Not to wory though, we all end up agreeing in the end -- kind of.

Segment 2, IDAO (I'll Do Anything Once):
Chris, Jake, and Troy also review Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. A lesser known video game from 2013 with a strong story and stronger characters.